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time for „Pure Enthusiasm"

What drives us? What kindles a fire in us?

Aug 1, 2022 1:08:54 PM

What drives us? What kindles a fire in us? Why do we burn out of passion and enthusiasm? And how can we keep the balance to use only the positive driving energy of the flames without getting too close to the consuming power of the fire?

the cycle

If you are good at something, you usually enjoy doing it. And when you like doing something, you quickly become good at it and get better and better. So the challenge is to find tasks that we like to do, based on our talents and inclinations. If you can make these tasks your profession, then there is hardly any effort that you are not prepared to accept in order to become even better and even more successful. Success then also comes quickly, as a positively reinforcing cycle establishes itself, which releases new energy without fail and fuels intrinsic motivation. In addition to the gratifying personal experience of finding one's "hobbyhorse" and being really good at something, the motivation and enthusiasm is additionally fuelled by positive feedback from third parties on the performance achieved.

Particularly in the consulting business, the fact that the work for the client is often perceived as extremely meaningful and beneficial adds to this: we help our clients to get a grip on their problems and relieve them of tasks that prevent them from exercising their core competencies. It is great to see how we can promote the prosperity of our clients and support them in keeping the upper hand in the daily competition. That is our task and a successfully implemented and completed project makes the endorphins bubble despite the great efforts and often long deprivations - especially when the results are transparent and visible. Then enthusiasm sets in: a feeling that burns within us and drives us, that chases us out of bed early in the morning and makes us forget or accept many things. That brings us joy and gives us energy.

helping, self-esteem and enthusiasm

It is precisely this sense and benefit of a fulfilling profession through supporting that lead to enthusiasm: a task that fills us with spirit, that justifies and rewards the passionate zeal and great commitment. This is what distinguishes us, for which we are willing to run the extra mile. Being able to support others leads to a strong sense of self-worth. First of all, recognising the problems, needs and hardships of others and providing appropriate help is a thoroughly positive thing. In short, it is a strong indication of healthy and high empathy.

health, a fragile commodity

Especially in demanding, long and complex projects, one's own interests, wishes and needs often have to be put aside. At least temporarily. But all this should remain in healthy balance and have clear boundaries. The health of employees is an irreplaceable asset and a good balance between enthusiastic commitment and necessary distance is often very difficult to find.

Affected people experience their over-commitment for a long time as if they were only facing the last small hill that separates them from the final summit. No sooner have they reached the hill than they recognise the next small hill that still stands before the summit. For a while, one can still bear such a situation well if the social structure and the private environment are right. A balance in private life can be an incredible reservoir of strength that regularly recharges the batteries. However, if such an imbalance persists for a long time, it can lead to real health problems, which can usually cause long-term damage. The writer Paulo Coelho summed it up beautifully with his saying:

If you say "yes" to the other, make sure you don´t say "no" to yourself.

In this vicious circle, the people concerned only feel valuable, useful, appreciated and accepted when they are needed and feel that nothing works properly without their help. They are on fire for their mission and passionately committed to the success of the project. In the process, however, they usually forget their own needs, have trouble saying "no" or cannot say "no" at all - and run the risk of being taken advantage of. Or they get bogged down and head single-mindedly towards burnout or depression. They realise that they are not irreplaceable at the latest when they have to be replaced for health reasons.

the narrow ridge

Ideally, the fire of passionate enthusiasm keeps us warm and gives us strength for our tasks in the service of our clients. The line between enthusiastic commitment and sacrifice that poses a health risk is narrow, diffuse and not easily recognisable. It is the personal responsibility of each individual to strive for a reasonable balance between commitment and performance on the one hand, and balance and relaxation on the other. This requires mindfulness in dealing with oneself and a correct perception and interpretation of warning signals.

This mindfulness is needed not only for ourselves, but also for our work colleagues. This is a challenge in these difficult times of the global pandemic with strict distance rules and cyclical lockdowns, because states of mind are only significantly more difficult to ascertain via video conference than in a face-to-face exchange at the coffee machine. Open listening, sensitivity, understanding and a good trust in one's own gut feeling are the most important ingredients to establish the necessary mutual mindfulness here. Because we are much stronger together than alone.


Awareness of the fine line between euphoric enthusiasm and sacrifice is the basis for a healthy balance, which is crucial for maintaining the personal performance of each individual. It is the task of good leadership and successful management to find those tasks and challenges for the staff that you are passionate, dedicated and purely enthusiastic about.

Starting the day with joy and verve every morning is not always easy, but it is our clear goal. With contagious enthusiasm, we will also succeed!


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