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How an IT company can live up to its social, ecological and economic responsibility

Aug 1, 2022 1:07:13 PM

Sustainability - a topic that has been gaining in relevance for years, and rightly so, and is constantly occupying more and more people's minds. Many companies are also increasingly doing their part to increase sustainability. But those who first think of electromobility, wind power or meatless meatballs fail to recognise the dimension of the challenges and overlook a key player in the match for the future: the IT sector. Digitalisation can achieve, contribute and move a lot. The question is how?

One answer is: holistically and strategically. As an IT service provider and driver of digitalisation and transformation, the All for One Group has recognised the various dimensions and integrated sustainability from the corporate structure, employees and business processes to business partners and customers.

Paying attention to different spheres of influence

An important self-recognition is that sustainability needs many shoulders, voices, minds and ideas. Sustainability should be firmly anchored in the corporate strategy and stand on several pillars in order to have an impact in the medium and long term. In the case of the All for One Group, the sustainability strategy is based on four strong pillars: Environmental Sustainability, Social Sustainability, Governance and Sustainable Services & Solutions. For us, as well as for our customers, sustainability means more than ecology and environmental protection. The holistic view is crucial for the success of the transformation. Sounds good at first, but what does that mean in concrete terms?

„I am personally very pleased that the topic of sustainability is currently experiencing such a boost at our company and is being firmly anchored in the corporate strategy.“ 
Michael Zitz | Chief Sales Officer


Example Social Sustainability

Values, rights, togetherness. Three keywords that summarise some of the priorities of the All for One Group in terms of sustainability. Diversity and equal opportunities, human rights and social commitment are derived from these as concrete fields of action.

Diversity and inclusion are very important at the All for One Group - people are important, not origin, gender or sexual orientation. Changemakers by socialbee runs an inclusion project together with SAP and 8 partner companies - the All for One Group is part of it for the second time and offers refugees the chance of a successful IT career and thus a self-determined life in Germany.
Another goal is the growing proportion of women in the company. It is currently 33.6 % (as of 30 Sep 2021). Of course: not perfect. But compared to the average 17% share of women in IT companies, quite respectable.
Of course, the All for One Group also observes internationally recognised core labour standards, rejects all forms of forced and child labour and implements the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights (NAP). These and many other voluntary commitments are laid down in the All for One Group's Code of Conduct. 

The All for One Group also directly supports the heartfelt projects of employees  who do voluntary work alongside their jobs. The social projects are supported with monetary donations and range from the construction of schools in developing countries to mobile juice bars for children's cancer wards and the purchase of a defibrillator for the Malteser relief service.

Example of ecological sustainability

Saving resources and reducing emissions are another key objective. To achieve this, the All for One Group focuses on the topics of mobility, buildings and IT infrastructure. Three examples are increased remote consulting, power supply from renewable energies and energy-efficient data production through cloud products. Another is the now eleven-year-old cooperation with the AfB Group, which specialises in refurbishing and remarketing used IT and mobile devices. Over 122 tonnes of CO2, 720,000l of water and 50,000kg of raw materials have been saved so far as a result.

"Our cooperation with AfB Group ensures that used company equipment doesn't end up in the rubbish, but gets a second life."
Tomas Caleta / System Administrator Group IT Services


Example Sustainable Services & Solutions

As an IT service provider, the All for One Group has many years of experience in corporate processes, digitalisation and transformation. For its customers, the Group links this know-how with the transformation needs in sustainability and anchors them in the company in the long term. It provides support from the development of the sustainability strategy to individual building blocks, such as the integration of sustainable product data or solutions to avoid risks within the supply chain. In addition to strategy development and technical implementation, the increasing importance of sustainability also requires procedural and cultural anchoring in the company. The All for One Group supports companies with the individual questions and jointly designs the individual path of sustainability transformation.

"We as the All for One Group have internalised the topic of sustainability, are working on diverse solutions to drive sustainability at our customers as well and act as a player on the market that contributes to the sustainability discourse with important impulses."
Michael Zitz

The human factor

A strategy, voluntary commitments & international standards, smart solutions and services - all of this brings sustainability in all its forms on its way. But the most important factor is and remains people. Without colleagues who practise sustainability in their daily lives out of conviction, every strategy paper remains a paper tiger. And it doesn't always have to be the really big things. It helps to inspire a client with sustainable product solutions. It helps to do without a car as a consultant or simply to dispose of the rubbish in the break room conscientiously.

"Even small changes can achieve a lot."
Michael Zitz 

The Management Board of the All for One Group supports sustainability 100%. In addition, three dedicated Sustainability Managers proactively drive the issue forward and give it a face. Together with many other colleagues, cooperation partners and business partners, they ensure that sustainability is not a flash in the pan within the Group, but remains an ongoing issue for the future.

One thing is certain: The direction is right, the strategic package of measures is well thought out and comprehensive. But it is also clear that the All for One Group has not yet exhausted its potential, but is in the middle of a change process. Not every idea has been perfected, not every aspiration fulfilled, not every measure implemented. A look at the proportion of women and men in top management positions as well as in technical areas is one example. Future-oriented mobility concepts with alternatives to the combustion engine is another. Nevertheless, the All for One Group is proud of where it currently stands, the path it is on and how, with the help of many bright minds, it can make the future a little more sustainable, also for its customers.

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