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Carina on the Changemakers 2.0 project and her function as ambassador

Aug 8, 2022 1:41:02 PM

How can we achieve sustainable integration into society? And what is the best way to bring refugees and companies together? One way: doing instead of talking. The Changemakers 2.0 project is one such example. socialbee is driving the project forward on the entrepreneurial side together with SAP and eight committed partner companies, including the All for One Group. But which people are driving the issue? I spoke to one of them about the topic.

Jochen: Carina, before we talk about the Changemakers 2.0 project and your role in it, it would be great if you briefly said something about yourself ...

Carina: With pleasure. My name is Carina Rauscher, I come from Graz and I am responsible for all HR topics at B4B Solutions, a subsidiary of the All for One Group.

Jochen: What do you mean by the Changemakers project?

Carina: Changemakers is an integration project by socialbee with the aim of integrating people who have fled their home countries into the SAP labour market. The participants are trained as SAP consultants within three months - a win-win situation. The participants receive sound training and a job in the SAP environment, and we as partners gain valuable new employees.

Jochen: You are involved in the project as an ambassador. How do you imagine that?

Carina: As an ambassador, I am both the first point of contact for the participants and the contact person for my colleagues in the company. I help to make it easier for everyone involved to get started. We also get a lot of input from socialbee, for example various workshops on the topics of communication, cultural differences and welcome culture.


Carina | socialbee Ambassador bei B4B Solutions

Jochen: Do you take care of the topic alone in the Group?

Carina: No, we have a team of several ambassadors at the start. These are on the one hand People Success Managers, on the other hand Recruiters and finally also the managers who accompany the programme.

Jochen: Is there a particular reason why you are involved in this project?

Carina: I find the mission of this project and the company behind it extremely important. Having to leave your home country and find your way in a new country, its culture and labour market - that is not easy. Often, the qualifications acquired in the country of origin are not recognised in the same way, or despite experience and qualifications, you still have a worse chance in the application process. It's nice to see that there are companies like socialbee that use integration initiatives to bring people with refugee experience together with companies that are looking for skilled workers. What counts for us are the people themselves and their interest and willingness to develop in our field of activity.

Jochen: Let's talk a bit more concretely about the project. What is the current status?

Carina: The participants have been studying hard over the last few weeks and have acquired a sound knowledge of the SAP S/4HANA modules, as well as receiving coaching on soft skills and professional development. Thus, they have already got to know the world of SAP a little better.

Jochen: That means now is the time to put their knowledge into action and get to know the company, the potential future employer.

Carina: Exactly. They now have the necessary tools for the internship phase. In the next step, we welcome a participant who will complete a two-week internship with us in the area of commerce development.

Jochen: Have you already met the candidate in person?

Carina: Unfortunately no, I have only seen the CVs of the participants so far. The recruiters and managers conducted the interviews with the candidates. But what I can see from the CVs: They are great candidates with versatile experience who already have good to very good language skills. I am already looking forward to exchanging ideas with them in person during the internship phase.

Jochen: Sounds good! Can you give us a preview of what else is planned?

Carina: Now it's time for the internship for the participants. If we as partners can convince the participants and they can convince us, we will get down to business and make job offers.

Jochen: Is there anything else you would like to see in the future in relation to the project?

Carina: I would like the Changemakers project to be a complete success for as many participants and partner companies as possible, so that long-term employment can be realised. Furthermore, I would find it fantastic if even more job seekers with an interest in counselling approached the topic of SAP and companies were also willing to invest time and resources to enable interested people to make a lateral entry, regardless of their country of origin.



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