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Why a values project had better not fit on a coaster.

Mar 28, 2023 5:31:14 PM


2021 - what do you do with a year like that? "Close your eyes and get through it," say those who are fed up with lock downs and unintentionally long hair. "Open your eyes and look in the mirror," says the All for One Group, declaring 2021 to be a year of values. It has been six years since the Group last took an intensive look at itself and its DNA. "A lot has happened since then," says Lars Landwehrkamp, CEO of the All for One Group, when asked why we are now, of all times, taking another look at our corporate values. The All for One Group has grown significantly, and many managers and employees are new. "It was simply time to bring in a certain uniformity, clarity and transparency. Also time to answer the question of how I behave in certain management situations," says Lars.

„Values are the absolute basis for us to work together successfully and of course with some fun.“ Lars Landwehrkamp, CEO

It is hardly surprising that lived values and management guidelines are a decisive success factor for a corporation. Much more exciting than the question of WHETHER it makes sense to deal with one's own values is therefore also the HOW.
You can do that, like my former employer. There, a handful of managers would lock themselves in a room for two days, present the results to all employees and then put the values on a coaster. This usually disappeared quickly under a coffee cup on the desk. Significantly, the entire project fit on a beer mat. Well…

The All for One Group's approach is different and can be well described in three words. Comprehensive, transparent, sustainable. A long-term project with a dedicated Values Core Team was launched across the Group. Numerous colleagues from a wide range of work areas, Group divisions, countries, generations and hierarchical levels were directly involved. The feedback loops and sounding boards were just as numerous. The goal was a common understanding of values that on the one hand reflected the colorful mix in the Group, and on the other hand was in line with the long-term strategy of the All for One Group. This was not always easy or harmonious. But necessary.

It was never about simply presenting values like a trophy. "We want to put meat on the bones." That's how Johanna, Marketing Manager at B4B Solutions and member of the Values Core Team, puts it aptly. It is clear to everyone involved that values have to be lived in everyday professional life. This cannot be done overnight and not by watching. It is a long-term, proactive process that the All for One Group specifically manages and supports.

A roadmap was defined. All employees were invited to a joint video call for the kick-off. The development process was comprehensively documented. Values Workshops and Values Months are already being planned. Colleagues who are particularly committed to individual values will be named Values Champions. In addition, the values are specifically anchored in the management guidelines.

And it's always about feedback and looking in the mirror. An "Embassy of Values" provides a permanent discussion forum. Value ambassadors actively carry the discussion about freedom, innovation or sustainability into the teams. "The strongest value of All for One is cohesion that cannot be shaken." This is a voice from the Core Values Team that very many would confirm. Nevertheless, the All for One Group consciously takes the path of backing up its own perception with hard facts.wertejahr_auftakt

A Values Pulse Check at the beginning of and again later in the year records the acceptance of the values and thus serves as a gauge of how serious the All for One Group is about its values. The initial impressions, feedback and reactions since the values were rolled out confirm that we are heading in the right direction. The values are already part of everyday working life in many places.

The All for One Group will also communicate this to the outside world. From March to September, value months with different campaigns will give each individual value additional space, voice and weight. The value "Valuable Space" will be the first. Anyone who wants to can follow this "value journey" here on the blog for each month.

Dirk, a member of the Values Core Team and manager at Avantum said of the Pure Enthusiasm value, "Burn for your ideas. Approach opportunities and challenges with heart and passion." When the idea of values is lived with the same enthusiasm, much is achieved. We, the employees of the All for One Group, have it in our own hands. #weareone

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