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New Work: Early bird meets new freedom

Alexander on his job as a Solution Architect in New & Modern Work

Aug 1, 2022 1:07:25 PM

Interview with Alexander

Alexander is currently a Solution Architect New Work. He supports his clients both in the transformation of the working world and in the conception and introduction of Microsoft 365 as a technical component. Among other things, I wanted to know from him how he experiences the trend topic of New Work, what appeals to him about it and why five o'clock in the morning is exactly the right time to get up.


Jochen: Alexander, is it true that you are an early riser?

Alexander: Yes, that's right. I usually start between five and six in the morning. And often I put some sport in front.

Jochen: Respect! Can you explain to a convinced morning grouch like me what drives you out of bed so early?

Alexander: Well, I'm slowly approaching the full triathlon distances. And from a work perspective, I'm doing it to have a little head start on colleagues and clients and to work through my tasks in peace.

Jochen: How does the rest of your working day go then?

Alexander: After this focus time, I go to appointments and workshops with clients and colleagues, which are then spread throughout the day. At the end of the day, I try to reflect on what "went well" during the day and put together the points for the next day.

Jochen: Let's talk about New Work - I have the impression that everyone understands it differently. What does New Work mean to you and what is so exciting about it?

Alexander: For me personally, New Work is the iterative process of redesigning our work on a daily basis. It is about adapting to the changes from the different areas - in private and working life.

It is precisely the still very open and free scope for definition of the term New Work that gives the topic its appeal.

You can solve the most diverse use cases and problems with the most diverse clients and help the clients to derive real benefits from the work, processes and tools - for me, that is the "why" of New Work.

Jochen: "Why" is a good keyword. Why does the All for One Group suit you?

Alexander: The great cooperation with colleagues clearly plays a big role. In addition, I have the opportunity to promote a topic like New Work, which offers a lot of (creative) freedom.

Jochen: That sounds super exciting at first, but doesn't this partly still very green meadow also make the job very challenging?

Alexander: I think being able to shape something yourself is a lot of fun first and foremost. What's more challenging is the constant change between the topics - both on the consulting and the technical side - and the different altitudes you have to deal with every day in the projects. It comes down to being able to argue and convince at management level as well as to master the daily processes with the end users.

Jochen: How do you manage to be successful in the direction of the customer?

Alexander: What is important is openness to the ideas, assumptions and circumstances of the customer and the ability to work out the real benefits with the customer. And of course, a certain understanding of the tools doesn't hurt either ;-) Especially with cloud services like Microsoft 365, it's important not to lose track of all the new functions.

Jochen: What do you see as THE trend topics of the future?

Alexander: I can clearly see New Work, where hopefully the "New" will be deleted in the next few years, as well as everything in the field of AI & Machine Learning.

Jochen: How do you live New Work and Modern Work internally?

Alexander: One component of New Work is to work very freely and independently of location. And that's what we do, of course.

Jochen: Okay, but does EVERYTHING work exclusively digitally and via teams?

Alexander: Communication already runs very strongly via Microsoft Teams and we try to establish what we live ourselves in the team with our customers as well. BUT for us it is also an important factor that we regularly meet in person in the team to work on topics together. There is simply no tool or stylish co-working space that can replace personal contact.


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